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Genre: Science Fiction Action Thriller
Cast: TBC
Director: Vicenzo Natali
Producer: Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Jay Firestone, Steve Hoban, Mark Vahradian, Seven Arts
Writer: William Gibson & Vincenzo Natali
County of Origin: Canada/UK/Hungary
Based on the seminal 1984 book by William Gibson which can be said to have legitimised cyberpunk as a mainstream branch of science fiction literature.

Case is a low level hustler living out his last days on the streets of the future Tokyo underground. A talented thief who would break into high security computer systems by directly linking his brain into them, he is discovered and injected with a poison which renders him unable to interface into cyberspace. Unable to work, Case embarks on a self-destructive path of drug addiction and double dealings, waiting for a local crime lord to collect on money and time that doesn`t exist.

Enter a shady businessman named Armitage who offers him the impossible: the chance to repair his neural damage and regain the life he once had. There is a catch though. Armitage has implanted timer activated poisons in Case’s body that he can react if Case doesn’t carry out what he asks. Placed under the protection of Molly, a professional killer who frees him by executing the crime lord, Case is put on a mystery assignment that begins a journey out of the gutters of future Tokyo and into an ever-expanding world of multinational intrigue.