New Pre-Production In-Production Post-Production Completed

Severance (formerly ‘The Job’)

Genre: Heist Thriller
Cast: TBC
Director: Asger Leth (Man On A Ledge)
Producer: Lucas Foster (Law Abiding Citizen, Mr & Mrs Smith, Man On Fire)
Writer: Bob Edwards & Brad Mirman
County of Origin: UK/Germany
Frank McAllister lives for the CHASE, the BUZZ, the ADRENALINE RUSH of ‘the job’. You could say he deals in money. Lots of it. But he is no bank clerk or accountant, he is a career criminal and he is about to embark on the job of his life.

Doyle used to be the same and Frank was his mentor, but recently he has been keeping a low profile. His security business affords him a comfortable living and keeps the ‘po po’ away. But however much he thinks he has convinced himself otherwise, the itch is still there and when Frank calls his Right Hand Man about this final massive heist. Well, he just can’t resist.

So Doyle finds himself in a back room bar in Berlin, with Frank and the rest of the crew; Graham, Nico, Matthias and new boy Gareth – a band of brothers. Their plan? To steal A LOT of money from Klaus Schroeder, an ex Stasi banker who ‘looks after’ inappropriately gained funds for villains and politicos.

This isn’t just a job for the boys. Whilst the crew set up, Katja, Madeleine and Lea, three tough, strong, independent women, fuel the escalating action.

Frank’s planning for the heist has been carried out with military precision. So why do they execute a brilliant underwater break in and then swim away, leaving the cash in the open vault? And why does Frank – usually so on the ball – not spot the
double cross? This should be the perfect crime. Turns out though, that nothing in life is ever as perfect as it seems.

22/09/14 Following work with Bob Edwards, Lucas and Asger have delivered a new script which is now out for casting. When you read it you will be left gripping your seat, waiting for the next twist and turn. Asger was driven to write ‘[This] is a kick-ass heist movie, a kick-ass character movie and a kick-ass band of brothers movie!’. We couldn’t put it better ourselves!