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The Job

Genre: Heist/Thriller
Cast: TBC
Director: Asger Leth
Producer: Lucas Foster
Writer: Brad Mirman
County of Origin: UK/Hungary
Doyle, Frank, Wes, Matt, Vincent and Graham sit in a cafe mourning the loss of Josef. They’re a mismatch and if you were looking closely, you’d wonder how such a group could be friends. But they’re not, they’re colleagues, led by Frank, and they’re about to embark on the job of their lives. Maybe it’s their last together.

The Vidago Casino, Budapest, is about to host the largest baccarat competition in the world. And that means Euros in the vault. A lot. The vault is three meters under the river in a natural cave. The only way to reach it is by an elevator shaft which leads to the vault tunnel. The way in? Under water.

Backed by the beautiful Madeleine’s finance & plans, the crew get to work. The preparation is tense, dangerous and fatal for one of them. Frank has doubts about Madeleine but does not see the potential sting. He’s too busy feeding off the charge, the buzz, the adrenalin; Doyle sees his own bleak future in Frank if he carries on and meeting Silvie offers another way; Graham is under pressure from his wife to walk away but held by a bond of loyalty to Frank. They embark on their spectacular heist. Their preparation pays off as they break into the safe without a hitch and…leave the money.

They have a plan: whilst the safe is open, 50m Euros sits uninsured and will need to be moved. That’s when they’ll strike, with a little help from their friends. But one by one the team is being picked off. Can they trust anyone around them? It would appear not….

21/10/2012 – New script available!